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Testosterone Profile

Although this steroid is naturally produced in the body, it was synthetically developed and introduced in the market by Schering, Organon and Ciba in the year 1930. It is actually the first anabolic steroid that was released in the market, which also became the reference drug of all anabolic steroids in the market. Although it is not the most powerful anabolic steroid, it still exudes strong androgenic property which is three times more powerful than dihydrotestosterone. Testosterone is stimulates the formation of new muscle tissues through protein synthesis. It also speeds up the healing process of tissues during injuries. Because of its strong androgenic property, testosterone produces side effects such as excessive sweating, male-pattern baldness, enlargement of the prostate and low production of natural testosterone. You need not to worry if in case you experience any of these negative reactions since they can be controlled by testosterone stimulants and other medications. Aside from the androgenic effects, this anabolic steroid is also capable of exhibiting estrogenic effects because it easily binds with the aromatase enzyme. Testosterone is available in oral tablets, injection serum, gels, patches and implants.

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Testosterone is a controlled substance which indicates that you need to have a prescription before you can buy testosterone from your local pharmacies. But getting this written consent is not easy since you have to prove that you truly have a medical condition that requires testosterone treatment. If you do not have a prescription but want to start your testosterone cycle, buy it from other sources such as online shops and black markets. However, before you buy testosterone, make sure that your source is dependable and discreet. Like what was previously discussed, testosterone is a prescription drug, so if you possess, use or buy testosterone without a prescription, you can be penalized by the authorities. If you want to buy testosterone from any of the alternative sources, always put safety and security as your top priorities. When you buy testosterone from black markets, you are at greater risk of buying counterfeit testosterone or ineffective formulations. Of course, these low qualities of testosterone can be detrimental to your health. In order to avail top quality of testosterone and other anabolic steroids, buy testosterone from reliable online shop.

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