Steroids Profile - Primobolan-Methenolone


Primobolan Profile

Primobolan is a mild androgen with anti-estrogen property. This is a good cutting agent since it can help in the formation of high caliber muscle tissues. Since Primobolan is a progestin, it will not cause water retention, fat deposition and flabby muscles. The weak androgenic property is believed to be 50 percent lesser than testosterone, but this capacity is still able to enhance muscle build-up. Because of its mild androgenic property, women can safely use Primobolan without the worries of developing virilization effects such as deep and low voice, and rapid growth of body and facial hair. Although it produces minimal androgenic effects, Primobolan can still exhibit severe negative consequences such as liver injuries. This anabolic androgenic steroid is available in oral intakes and injections.

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