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Omnadren Profile

Omnadren is composed of four testosterone esters namely: testosterone propionate, testosterone phenylpropionate, testosterone isocoproate, and testosterone coproate. All these esters produce the similar effects. This drug efficiently stimulates protein synthesis which helps the formation of new muscle tissues. Omnadren is a powerful agent in building muscle mass and strength. Although this drug exhibit strong androgenic effects, it also promote estrogenic side effects because it has good affinity with the aromatase enzyme. This property brings about gyno effects including water retention, fat deposition and loose muscles. These side effects are considered advantages because the water and fats deposits serve as the protection of the bones especially when you lift heavy loads. If you want to use Omnadren, make sure that you do the cycle within three to four months because it has long half life. The recommended dose of this steroid is 250mg to 1000mg per week.

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When you start with your cycle, make sure to buy Omnadren from safe sources. This is important in order to achieve optimum results. If you will buy Omnadren from drugstores, you need to have an authentic prescription from your physician. This is your option to legally buy Omnadren. You very well know that prescription is necessary because Omnadren is a regulated drug that is governed by the provisions of the Controlled Substance Act. If you want to buy Omnadren but you donít have this document, you may avail it from online shops and black markets. The latter option is quite dangerous because black markets are not regulated by any agency, so they produce and distribute steroids without going through the strenuous testing and quality control. This could increase your risk of buying ineffective or fake Omnadren. When you buy Omnadren from online shops, you have the privilege to place your order on your chosen store. Also, you need not to go out of your house since you just transact with your suppliers using the internet. All you have to do is just make few clicks on the mouse of your computer, and youíre done. If you buy Omnadren online, you are able to maintain your anonymity, so nobody knows that you use and purchase steroids such as Omnadren.

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