Steroids Profile - Masteron


Masteron is an ant-estrogenic steroid. This drug was originally developed and introduced to the market to slow down the estrogen level of patients with hormone-responsive diseases such as breast cancer. This anti-cancer property controls the progress of the disease. Masteron is produced in two forms, Masteron propionate and Masteron enanthate, which possess the same effects.

This anabolic drug became a commodity in bodybuilding and athletics since it has the ability to improve the quality of muscle tissues. This effect is caused by its ability to inhibit the actions and effects of estrogen. If there is no water or fats deposited in the muscle tissues, then the muscle fibers tend to cling closer to the skin resulting to tighter, harder and more solid physique. It is a known fact that estrogen allows the formation of soft and flabby muscles due to the stored fats and water between tissues.

Masteron mitigates the effects of estrogen which is an advantage for bodybuilders and athletes since this drug assures firm and well defined muscle tissues. Although this anabolic androgenic steroid prevents the accumulation and deposition of steroids, it does not actually dehydrate or dry the cells and tissues of the body. Being a progestin, Masteron controls the probability of developing high blood pressure, increased heart rate, high cholesterol deposits and atherosclerosis or the accumulation of fats in the blood vessels. In addition, men need not to worry about having man boobs or gynecomastia - a condition characterized by the growth of breasts tissues in men.

Using Masteron, nonetheless, produces androgenic side effects such as the increased level of aggression, male pattern hair loss, sleeping disorder and acne formation on the face and on the upper torso. Women are also prone to experience some virilizing effects such as low and deep voice and hirsutism or the increased hair growth on face and body. Meanwhile, men are susceptible of having unpleasant androgenic effects such as the suppressed testosterone production, decreased level of sexual drive, erectile dysfunction and impotence. Some of these effects are controlled by testosterone stimulants and other medications, while some are irreversible like in the case of gynecomastia.

Masteron is made up of two different esters, the Masteron propionate and Masteron enathate. The propionate ester has a short half-life and is easily broken down by the body that is why its effects are fast. This type is given every other day at a recommended dose of 150mg to 500mg. The enanthate has longer half-life and is metabolized longer by the liver. It is administered every two days at a dose between 400mg to 600mg. Its results take place longer than the propionate ester.

Similar to other anabolic steroids in the market, Masteron is a regulated and controlled drug. This means, you can buy it from local pharmacies if you can present a prescription from your physician, otherwise, you will be given legal punishment. Luckily, Masteron is available in the internet, which is simple, fast and convenient. You just order and pay through electronic means.