Steroids Profile - Dianabol


Dianabol was synthesized and introduced to the market, 30 years after testosterone was released. This compound is the result of the collaboration of Dr. John Zeigler of the US weightlifting team, and Ciba, one of top pharmaceutical companies in Europe. This anabolic steroid was initially created to serve as an equalizer for US athletes. Initially, the 10mg of Dianabol was claimed to replace the androgens of the body. This quantity is said to produce muscle build-up up to five times and lowers the cortisol levels by 50%.

Dianabol is a strong androgen that produces great anabolic results. It is a testosterone derivative and its parent steroid is methandrostenolone. This drug stimulates the protein synthesis in the body which helps in the formation of new muscle tissues. In the process, the body gets positive nitrogen balance that helps in production and storage of nitrogen which will then be used to produce proteins. These proteins will be the raw materials in building new muscle tissues. This means that if there are more proteins in the body, the more new muscle tissues can be developed.

The strong androgen property of Dianabol allows it to produce side effects such as acne formation, difficulty in sleeping, heightened aggression and male pattern hair loss. In addition, women who use this type of anabolic steroid are prone to develop virilizing effects such as the thickening of the vocal chords leading to deep and low voice. Likewise, hirsutism or the excessive growth of facial and body hair is likely to develop.

Another notable effect of Dianabol is the increase in body weight due to its conversion to estrogen when it binds to the aromatase enzyme. This estrogen property permits water and fats to be stored and accumulated in between the body. This effect can cause loose and soft muscle tissues which again is an added benefit to bodybuilders and athletes who aim for massive body mass. This is usually evident in the early phase of the cycle wherein you can feel an increase of two or four pounds in your body weight.

The androgenic and estrogenic properties of Dianabol can produce several adverse effects. For instance, the increase in fluid and fats can cause hypertension, increased heart rate and increased cholesterol level. Males, on the other hand, may cause an anormal growth of breast tissues or gynecomastia. The latter condition is irreversible even if Dianabiol is stopped, although a surgery can be peformed to remove the excess tissue.

Using Dianabol must not be taken at high doses since it may lead to jaundice and liver cirrhosis. The recommended dose of this compound is between 15mg to 40mg every day. Nonetheless, high dosage of 50mg should not be used more than two months to avoid diminishing returns.

Dianabol can be legally purchased from pharmacies if you have prescription from a physician since it is regulated by the Controlled Substance Act. The most convenient and discreet way to purchase Dianabol is through online shops since you do the transactions privately in your homes.